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UP Junior High School Teacher Syllabus 2021

General Knowledge, Reasoning, and Current Affairs

  • Importance of National & International Current Affairs
  • History of India and Indian National Movements
  • Geography of India
  • Indian Politics and Rules- Constitution, Political System, Panchayati Raj, Democratic etc.
  • Economic and Social Development
  • Environmental and Ecological Topics, Biodiversity and Climate Change etc.
  • General Knowledge
  • Analogy and assertion and reason, Binary, Logic, Classification, Clocks & Calendars, Coded inequalities, Coding-Decoding

Part-A Language (Hindi, English, Sanskrit)

Hindi Language

  • हिन्दी साहित्य एवं भाषा का इतिहास
  • व्याकरण
  • अपठित गद्यांश
  • प्रमुख लेखकों/कवियों का सामान्य परिचय एवं उनकी कृतियाँ

English Language

  • History of English Literature and Language
  • Grammar
  • Unseen Passage
  • Writers, General Introduction and their work

Sanskrit Language

  • संस्कृत साहित्य एवं भाषा का इतिहास
  • व्याकरण
  • अपठित गद्यांश तथा पद्यांश
  • प्रमुख लेखकों/कवियों का सामान्य परिचय एवं उनकी कृतियाँ

Part B Social Studies

  • Indian Culture
  • Stone Culture, Copper Stone Culture, Vedic Culture
  • Former states of India
  • Religious and Social Development of 16th Century
  • Establishment of Delhi Sultanate, Expansion Dissolution
  • Mughal Empire, Cuture, Fall
  • Mauryan India, Gupta Period, Rajput Period, Pushyabhuti Dynasty, States of South India
  • The arrival of European powers
  • British Rule in India
  • Choice of Independent India
  • Our Society
  • District administration, rural and civil society and living
  • Democracy in India
  • Security and Foreign Policy in the country, global community and India
  • Disability
  • Earth in the Solar System, Globe- Determination of Earth Location, Earth Speed
  • Map, Earth’s Four Circles, Earth’s topography
  • India- The physical nature of India, Use and Importance of Soil, Fertilizer, Flora & Wildlife, Climate of India, Trade & Communication in the world
  • UP- Location, Political Department, Weather, Soil, Vegetation and Wildlife, Agriculture, Mineral Industry, Population and Urbanisation in India
  • Atmosphere, Hydrosphere
  • Impact of population growth on the environment, Pollution

Part C Mathematics, Science


  • Natural Number, Whole Numbers, Prime Numbers
  • Square root, Cube root, and Identities, LCM & HCF
  • Concept of Fraction, Variable Numbers, Algebra
  • Ratio, Percentage, Profit & Loss, Discount, Simple Interest and Compound Interest
  • Geometry- Line segment, Parallel Lines, Parallelogram, Quadrilateral, Trainees, and Circle
  • Mensuration & Trignometry
  • Statistics- Bar Graph, Pictorial Graph, Histogram, Pie-Chart
  • Mean, Median, Mode
  • Production Possibility Curve, Bar chart, and Compound Bar Diagram


  • Science in Everyday Life, Discovery and invention, Anthropology and Technology
  • Fibres and Fabrics, Synthetic Fibres
  • Living things and non-living things
  • Microorganisms, Animals and Plants
  • Cell tissues and organ system
  • Adolescence and Disability
  • Nutrition and Food, Health and Hygiene
  • Water cycle, Nutrition cycle, Crop production
  • Measurement & Distance, Motion, Force, Magnetic Force
  • Light and Reflection, Sound, Energy
  • The states of Matter, Structure, and nature of Matter